Everyday Self-Love eCourse by Rachel AmandaLeading your life where you want it to be.  That’s the goal.  Always making choices that create a life that is happy and fulfilling. The kind of life that you will one day look back on without any regrets.

Sound impossible?

Not impossible.  But also not easy.  It means choosing:

  • To make time for yourself every day
  • What’s right for you even if it’s different from what the world tells you you *should* be doing

The first step in leading your life is self-love. When you love yourself fully and completely, it strengthens your abilities to live life on your terms.  To courageously live the life you imagined was possible. To stand strong in your challenges.  To celebrate and feel real joy and pleasure in your successes.

Every single one of us can be constantly learning how to love ourselves more deeply.

When you’ve lost touch with your self-love (and I promise you it’s in there somewhere) you:

  • Feel like you’re always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of yours
  • Talk badly about yourself – whether it’s out loud to others, or just in your own head
  • Stop making time for self-care including exercise, healthy eating, or pampering yourself regularly

When you love yourself fully and completely, you:

  • Make your goals and dreams a priority
  • Have more positive self-talk than negative inner-critic
  • Take time regularly for self-care

As your self-love grows, it becomes easier to lead your life where you want it to go.  You can see the path. You can feel how awesome life will be as you take the steps to live your best life now.

Everyday Self-Love

Everyday Self-Love is a 7-day program designed to give you practical tools for reconnecting with and expanding your self-love.  Through a daily email, you will receive:

  • Simple exercises you can do throughout the day to connect with and strengthen your sense of self-love so you can feel calmer, more centered, and more connected with your sense of self
  • Fun activities to update your daily routine to bring more joy into your life
  • Practical tools for loving and nourishing your body so you feel good and to remind yourself about how awesome your body really is
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