Rachel Amanda: Motivational Speaker, Conference Speaker, Keynote SpeakerOne of the greatest benefits of women’s groups is the opportunity to come together to be inspired by your interactions with other women who are also living amazing lives and doing great work in your community and by talking with others about what inspires you in your life and work too. You leave the best events feeling excited about the connections you made and more deeply tapped into who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do.

As a motivational speaker, Rachel Amanda’s goal is to ensure that the women in your group or organization leave the meeting more deeply connected to their Big Why – what it is that inspires them to live the lives and do the work they’ve been called to do – and how they can tap into their Big Why to develop:

  • an unlimited well of passion to draw from in bringing heart and meaning to everything they do
  • deep understanding of how they make a positive impact on others, their community, and the world
  • unwavering confidence in making the right choices to create the success and joy they crave in all areas of life

The presentations Rachel offers inspire women to live their best, most authentic life now while courageously moving into their most audacious future.  The programs are engaging, thought-provoking, and vibrantly alive with audience participation. Watch this short video where Rachel shares principles that help women understand how they can use simple, practical and effective tools and techniques to live their best lives now:

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Presentations à la carte

These are some of Rachel Amanda’s most popular presentations. If you have a specific need or topic in mind, customized presentations are available. Just mention your request in the information form below.

Living Deliberately: Build an Awesome and Amazing Life

It’s what we all long for. Living life with a solid sense of what direction we’re heading in, knowing that our actions are creating a rich and meaningful life. Interwoven with touching, funny, and deeply authentic personal stories, Rachel Amanda guides you through a process that gives each person a customized plan for the next steps in building an awesome and amazing life.

Dancing Through Life with Passion, Joy & Ease

Most women have lost touch with what it is they truly love.  It’s buried deep below the job they work to pay the bills, errands, chores, soccer practice, and a thick layer of self-doubt.  Unearth your heart’s secret desire and rediscover how to dance through life with passion, joy and ease.  Rachel Amanda walks you through how to reconnect with your passion and purpose so that you can align everything you do with who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do. Drawing on real-life examples, Rachel gives you the courage and inspiration to make subtle shifts that bring about greater meaning and joy in life.

When Yes Means No, and No Means Yes

One of the most needed, yet often most lacking, skills is the art of saying yes and no meaningfully. Generally, women are nurturing and empathetic, and we grew up learning to say yes, even if we really meant no. It makes saying no to others just plain hard.  The truth is that sometimes saying yes to yourself means saying no to others. In this presentation, Rachel Amanda explores what it takes first to discover whether you mean yes or no, and then to be able to say and stand behind your decisions with authenticity and meaning and feeling good about it.


What People Are Saying

“Rachel walks the walk, and talks the talk. Truly inspiring! Her love of herself shines through and I feel encouraged to follow her guidance during her seminars. I especially love her “authentic self” topic.”


~ Luvern M
Brantford, ON

“Rachel is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and information to her presentations.  Her passion for supporting women to live their best lives is inspiring and uplifting.  I would recommend her dynamic and engaging presentation to anyone.”

Michelle M
Brantford, ON

“I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of Rachel’s group sessions and each time came out feeling refreshed and renewed. Rachel’s positive and non-judgmental personality drew me to take the next step with a support partner at my side! I’m a very grateful for those group session opportunities that opened my eyes!”

~ Jen Beaul
Brantford, ON

Next Steps

Ready to engage Rachel Amanda for your upcoming event? Looking for more details? Give Rachel a call on 226-750-9024 or fill out the information form and we will be in touch shortly.


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